Young Democratic Socialists

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  • Category: Political
  • Description: Democratic Socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet the needs of all, not to merely make profits for a select few. Democratic Socialism is a philosophy based on empowerment, liberty, democracy, and feminism, where community well being and individual development are the metrics of success. We advocate for stronger public goods like universal healthcare and free higher education in addition to more democracy in the work place. Our method is one of empowering communities and engaging in the politics of the possible while being guided by our ideals.
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  • Keywords:
    • Socialism
    • Marx
    • freedom
    • democracy
    • equality
    • class
    • politics
    • internationalism
    • economics
    • liberty
    • individuality
    • community
    • education
    • justice
    • peace
    • rights
    • civil rights
    • activism
    • union
    • unions
    • international
    • national
    • workers
    • students
    • punk
    • party
    • cooperative
    • revolution
    • public
    • direct action
    • capitalism
    • consumption
    • environment
    • environmentalism

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